98-99 Joe Suk Macon Whoopee Jersey

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1998-99 Joe Suk Macon Whoopee Jersey

This is the game worn 1998-99 road Macon Whoopee jersey of center Joe Suk.

While born in Chicago, Joe Suk opted to head north as a teenager and spent four seasons playing for the Hull Olympiques before opting to go to University — again, north of the border.

Following four seasons playing for Dalhousie, Suk made his professional debut in the ECHL with the Louisville Riverfrogs for the 1995-96 season.

That would be the peak of his professional career as the following season, he headed to Macon, Georgia to play for the Central Hockey League’s Macon Whoopee.

This jersey is likely from the 1998-99 season when Joe suited up for 68 games. He finished fifth on the team in scoring with 15 goals and 26 assists. His younger brother, Steve Suk would finish second on the team in scoring that season.

Following his playing career and after the Whoopee folded, Suk became the general manager of the Macon Trax which played in the Atlantic Coast Hockey League, the WHA2, and the Southern Professional Hockey League before eventually folding as well. He is still involved in hockey in the Atlanta area.

The jersey is made of a mesh material and the numbers, front crest, shoulder patches, and the assistant’s “A” are all sewn tackle twill. The nameplate is mesh and the letters are individually sewn.

It was manufactured by Jersey Express and is a size XXL. The ironed-on Jersey Express logo on the rear hem has fallen off, though there is still evidence of it being there. There is a velcro-snap fight strap.

The front fig leaf crest is signed by Suk with his number 77 immediately underneath. The jersey shows light wear overall.

I originally acquired this jersey from William Samples in February of 2004.

While this jersey doesn’t really fit my usual “Hartford” theme, who could not want a Macon Whoopee jersey with the classic fig leaf logo?

And when the player’s last name is Suk and the team’s name is Macon Whoopee, well, it’s almost like an added bonus.

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  1. Is this for sale?

  2. Nope. Sorry Patrick…

  3. is the jersey for sale?

  4. Hi Sandy — nope, not looking to sell this one.

  5. Sweet. I grew up in Riverwoods, Illinois with Joe and his younger brother Steve, who played for Michigan State and also played pro in the ECHL. Their last name is Korean and pronounced “sook” and I remember plenty a brave young lad making fun of Joe’s name… not a smart move. These boys were tough and really, really good players.

  6. I have a Macon Whoopee jersey that was donated to our Relay for Life cause. Do you have suggestions of how to promote the sale or auction of this item?


  7. I’m pretty sure this jersey is from the inaugural 96-97 season. Joe Suk was with the team that year. Those jerseys had the NY Rangers drop shadow style numbers that to my knowledge were not used in subsequent years.

  8. Love the jersey!
    I played with Joe and his brother Steve when I was a teen… awesome players!
    If you run into them, tell them Daeil Chang says hello!

  9. Jason Muench Says:

    I was bored and looked up the old team.. insane that this is here, i used to play with him at sports town for afew years. Ive moved to newyork state to play ice hockey insted of roller. just nice to see his old jerzey

  10. I would love to purchase this. I have a Phil Valk jersey from the same timeframe that this would look great next to on my sports wall.

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