Hartford Wolf Pack Brad Smyth
2001-2002 Hartford Wolf Pack (AHL) Alternate Jersey
Brand: SP Material: AirKnit Size: 56 Draft Information:
Not drafted.
Added to Collection: 2008-01-09
Previous Owners: Vicki Gould
Full Description:
Name sewn directly on. Light wear with board burns and light stick marks. Has trapezoid-shaped American flag patch. Lace-up coller. Dattco sponsor patch. Lower case AHL logo on back of neck. This set was originally given away in a 'Shirts off our Back' promotion at the end of the season.
Hartford Connection:
Hartford Wolf Pack player from 1997-2002 and 2006.
2001-2002 game worn Brad Smyth Hartford Wolf Pack jersey
2001-2002 game worn Brad Smyth Hartford Wolf Pack jersey

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